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About HeldTite

“WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS.” Jose Calero, Owner & Entrepreneur

HeldTite is a wholly owned subsidiary of LapWorks, a design and manufacturing company specializing in hand grips, desktop stands and accessories for the iPad or Tablet user. We also produce a line of three gaming desks for the serious gaming community. LapWorks designed the first truly mobile & portable lap desk in 2000 and continues to lead the field with its fourth lap desk, the Futura Laptop Desk. We have sold over one million laptop desks world wide since 2000 which makes us the world leader in this category.

Our products make working with a iPad or Tablet safer, easier and more productive. Aside from providing our customers with the very best designed and manufactured products available, we are also committed to providing our customer with the essential knowledge to live and work ergonomically safe and pain-free with their iPad or Tablets.

Although many of the products on our website have been designed by us, we also buy desks, stands and accessories from third-party manufacturers in China, Taiwan and Korea. We seek out the very best of the best, not only in design and functionality, but in materials, manufacturing and workmanship. We have worked diligently to develop the LapWorks brand that has become know for top quality and value. We will not sacrifice our reputation for a cheaply priced product with a high margin. To that end we go to the source to find these products and our goal is to bring you the most unique products at the most reasonable prices possible.

Our products do the following:

  • Improve posture / ergonomics to help users work comfortably and pain-free
  • Reduce heat build-up in notebooks improving performance and longevity
  • Protect the users lap from the heat that radiates from the bottom of laptops


We stand behind our products!

So you can rely on HeldTite product quality. All our products are backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee. HeldTite is a wholly owned subsidiary of LapWorks®, a leading manufacturer of quality, ergonomic accessories for notebook, iPad and tablet computers since April 1, 2000.

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