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Amigo 2.0 Folding Bluetooth Keyboard for iPads, Tablets & Phones

for all iPads, Tablets & Phones

So what is new about the Amigo version 2.0?
1. It's faster, more responsive, doesn't miss a keystroke!
2. There is a heaping helping of special keys for iOS and Android (see below)
3. Now uses a standard micro USB cable (included), so you don't have to pack extra cables. Your phone or speaker or camera probably all use the same cable.

Orson Scott Card, author of Ender's Game says, "I bought and have tested the best portable keyboard by far: Lapworks Amigo 2.0." He goes on to describe the folding feature and the keystroke: "It comes double-folded into quarters, but when you open it out, it's a genuine full-size keyboard. Not a chiclet pad, but a real full-stroke keyboard just like grownups use." Read more of Orson Scott Card's Amigo 2.0 Folding Bluetooth Keyboard review. (scroll to bottom)

Nothing beats the feel of a real keyboard and the confidence that *precisely* what is typed will appear in the document. What the mobile workforce needs is a real keyboard, with all of the essential keys, that folds to become pocketable, then quickly unfolds to full size for that tactile, clickity, clackity satisfaction at a moment's notice.

That is exactly what LapWorks has delivered with their Amigo 2.0 Folding Bluetooth Keyboard for iPads & Tablets. It features real, full-travel keys, with the familiar springiness and audible feedback we all know and love on our desktop and laptop keyboards. The full-size 69-key keyboard folds in three places to a compact 3.6" x 5" x 0.8" to easily fit in a pocket, purse or bag. Unfolded, the keyboard is standard size at 11” x 5” x 0.4”.


Looking like something issued for agent 007 and just as cleverly engineered, there is a definite wow factor achieved for anyone watching as the innocuous looking case pops open with the push of a button and the locking tabs slide into place revealing this design marvel.

With over 2 million downloads of Word, a million plus of Pages and hundreds of thousands of downloads of other text editors and word processing apps, it is clear that we want to write using our iPads and tablets. The ongoing problem is clearly the need for a better typing solution.

Voice input is much improved, but not at all sufficient for editing a document. iOS 8 will allow iPad owners to finally enjoy the benefits of Swype and SwiftKey apps, and predictive input is great when it works. Autocorrect blunders can be embarrassing and spell trouble when you find yourself racing a deadline.

And while a full-size keyboard with tactile feedback is obviously essential for writers, the value to programmers is even greater. When writing in code many of the necessary symbols are an extra tap or two away when using the on-screen keyboard, leading to continually switching back and forth between the standard and symbol keyboards. The Amigo 2.0 offers all of the symbols found on a standard keyboard in the familiar positions.

The Amigo 2.0 Folding Keyboard connects to iPads, tablets and phones via Bluetooth so there is no need to bother with cables. Connect to a standard computer USB port for charging. A single charge will power the keyboard for 30-60 days depending on use. USB cable is included. Note that this does not include an AC adapter, but can be charged from any laptop or desktop computer's USB port and is also chargeable with most phone, camera and car chargers that have a USB port.

As an added bonus we've included both a compact folding stand, shown in the photos holding an iPad and a Nexus 7, and a super thin folding stand for smartphones.

The keyboard charges fully in 3 hours, but please charge as frequently as you like. We've kept the Amigo 2.0 on continuously for 77 hours before it ran out of power, so in normal use it will last a long, long time.

There are color LEDs that indicate different states of the Amigo 2.0. A red LED means the battery is charging. When the red LED goes off, it is fully charged. Likewise, a blue LED means Bluetooth is connecting. When the blue LED goes off, it is connected. A green LED means the power is on. Be sure to switch off power when you are finished using the Amigo 2.0.

Android Lollipop/KitKat special keys:
Fn-F1/F2 adjusts screen brightness
Fn-F1/F2 brightness
Fn-F7 rewind
Fn-F8 play/pause
Fn-F9 forward
Fn-Fn-F10 mute
Fn-F11/F12 volume
Fn-F11/F12 brings up notifications
Fn-arrows for home/end/page up/page down
Alt allows symbol/international keys
Ctrl key-c/x/v for copy/cut/paste
Ctrl-a to select all
Alt-tab, app switcher
Windows-c for contacts app
Windows-g for gmail
Windows-t to text
Windows-b for browser app
Windows-a for calculator app
Windows-s to SMS
Windows-p for play music
Windows-l for calendar app
Windows-e for email app
Windows-y for YouTube app
ESC is like the back button
PrtScn takes a screen shot
Arrows up/down/right/left

iOS special keys:
Fn-F1/F2 brightness
Fn-F7 rewind
Fn-F8 play/pause
Fn-F9 forward
Fn-Fn-F10 mute
Fn-F11/F12 volume
Alt allows symbol/international keys
Windows key-c/x/v for copy/cut/paste
Windows key-a to select all
Alt-arrows for home/end/page up/page down
Arrows up/down/right/left

Technical Specifications

Compatibilityany iPad, Tablet smartphone or other Bluetooth device
Type of keyboardFull-size 69-key keyboard with full travel and tactile feedback
Folded Size3.6" x 5" x 0.8", easily fits in pocket, purse or bag
Unfolded Sizestandard size at 11” x 5” x 0.4”
BatteryA single charge powers keyboard for 30-60 days depending on use. USB cable is included.
Included bonus standsa compact folding stand for 7”-10” tablets & a super thin folding stand for smartphones

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