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Armbot iPad & Tablet Mount

for all iPads & Tablets

The Armbot Bed & Desk Mount for iPads and Tablets (named for its similarity to a robotic arm) is the first mounting bracket for your tablet or iPad that gives you the option of attaching it to your desk or table as well as wall mounting it or using it in your car, truck or SUV with a seat bracket mount.

The Armbot is made of three separate lengths of 5/8” diameter Aluminum tubing that combine to create an amazing number of posing and elevating viewing positions. Each tubing length is 11.81” long and they are joined by durable Nylon tightening hinges.


The desk mounting bracket is made of Zinc alloy and can be attached to the edge of any desk, table top, headboard or nightstand. The wall bracket are made of steel and needs to be attached to a wall with 4 screws that are included with the Armbot. Now also includes a free vehicle bracket that can be bolted to the base of your seat.

The holding bracket accommodates iPads and tablets as narrow as 5-3/4”, as tall as 10-1/8” and up to 1-1/8” thick. iPad's with folio cases attached fit just fine. Soft rubber pads on each bracket grip provide maximum gripping and protection for the iPad or tablet's edges and back panel.

Each arm section can be detached and reattached quickly and easily. At full extension, the Armbot reaches out over 37.4” from it's mounting bracket. Attach the desk mounting bracket to a desk, night stand, headboard, kitchen counter, end table or coffee table. Attach the steel wall bracket to any wall near your bed or favorite lounging area for anytime viewing in total comfort.

Wherever you attach it and whatever number of arm sections you'll need at the time, it can accommodate almost any situation. The Nylon tightening hinges are easy to separate and just as easy to reattach.

Technical Specifications

CombatibilityiPad & Tablets a minimum of 5-34” wide & up to 10-1/8” tall
MaterialPolycarbonate plastic & Silicone
Length37.4” at full extension
UsesBrackets for Clamping to a desk or other surface, wall mounting and vehicle seat bracket mount.
OrientationPortrait and Landscape - 360º rotation. Note that smaller tablets may need to be in landscape orientation with this bracket. A new bracket will be available separately soon to allow portrait orientation with small tablets.

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