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Aviators iPad and Tablet Leg Strap

for all iPads, iPad Mini & 7-10” Tablets

The Aviator's iPad & Tablet Leg Strap is the perfect holding solution for your iPad or tablet while leaving both hands free for piloting, truckin, driving a bus or an RV, boating or just plain relaxing. It securely positions the iPad on your leg for easy one-handed use.

And you don't have to be in a moving vehicle to enjoy using it. Sitting on your sofa or easy chair and tired of holding your iPad/tablet so you just strap it to your leg, prop your leg up on the coffee table and read hands free. It's the perfect gift for those drivers, commuters and travelers who use their iPad or tablet while driving around.


This Aviator's iPad & Tablet Leg Strap consists of three separate components: the holding bracket, the swiveling/tilting mechanism and the elastic strap. The holding bracket grips your device with a 4-clamp grip that locks onto the top and bottom edges of your device. The clamps open up to 8-3/4” and contracts down to 4-3/8”. This means the holding bracket can hold almost every iPad or tablet on the market today. Each of the 4 clamps can expand and contract from 5/8” down to 5/16”.

The swiveling/tilting mechanism is a compact mechanical system that makes everything work. The swiveling and the tilting are joined together in one component but function separately. Just loosen a knob or spindle, make the desired adjustment and retighten. The swiveling/tilting mechanism is joined to the holding bracket by a 4-hook self locking system.

The elastic strap is joined together with a large quick-release plastic buckle. The strap is 1-1/2” wide by 18” long relaxed and 30” long stretched. The underside of the elastic strap has 3 wavy lines of super sticky silicone running the length of the strap for best grip while on your leg. Enjoy the benefits and convenience of a leg strap holding bracket for your iPad or tablet. Order yours today.

Technical Specifications

CombatibilityFor all iPads, iPad Mini & 7-10” Tablets
SizeAdjusts 18”-30” long with 1-1/2” wide
MaterialElastic strap with silicone grip
OrientationPortrait and Landscape orientation

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