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C65 Spring Bracket

for iPad Mini & 7”-8” Tablet

Upgrade your iPad Mini or 7” tablet stand's holding bracket with the new and improved c65 mini spring-loaded holding bracket.

This new bracket is the ultimate in holding brackets for iPad Mini's and all other 7” & 8” tablets that attach to any stand or mount that uses the 4-hook locking system. (See images above.) The C65 Mini Spring-Loaded Holding Bracket grips with spring tension any 7” or 8” device. The maximum diagonal open measurement from corner to corner of the C65 is 9-1/4”. It grips the device on two opposing corners.

This holding bracket replaces other brackets that originally came with a stand or mount that you previously ordered. The C65 Mini Spring-Loaded Holding Bracket has rubberized grips that are gentle on your device without ever weakening or loosing its hold.


THE PROBLEM: Other holding brackets using the 4-hook locking system grip your device on the top edge and the bottom edge. This works great until you rotate from portrait to landscape and now the gripping is being done on the side edges. No matter how strong they grip your device gravity will eventually win out and your device will ultimately slide out and fall to the ground. Not so with the C65 Mini Spring-Loaded Holding Bracket.

THE SOLUTION: It takes just seconds to replace your old bracket with the new C65 holding bracket. Then you'll see just how much stronger your iPad Mini or tablet is gripped by the C65 as it rotates 360 degrees. To attach your device onto the C65 bracket simply pull both grips apart, place them over the iPad or tablet and release. Viola! Instant spring gripping.

If you want a better gripping solution for your iPad Mini or tablet and are unhappy with the limitation of the old style troublesome holding bracket, order your C65 Mini Spring-Loaded Holding Bracket for your iPad Mini or 7” tablet today and live hassle free.

Technical Specifications

CombatibilityiPad Mini & any tablet up to 8”
Stand compatibilityCantilever, Armbot, Swing Arm, A-Frame & Tablet Suction Cup Mount
AttachmentQuick and easy spring loaded operation
OrientationPortrait and Landscape - 360º rotation

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