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LapWorks Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air & iPad Air 2

for all iPads, Tablets & Phones

Ever feel restricted with the on-screen keyboard of your iPad Air / iPad Air 2 or do you feel like your screen gets too cramped? Now you can experience the freedom of using a real keyboard and enjoy the full height of your screen with this lightweight and durable Bluetooth Keyboard Case.

The beautiful thing about an external keyboard is that the on-screen keyboard disappears while connected. So the full screen height is now available for viewing your document. Enjoy a full-size, real keyboard with soft touch keys and a nice tactile feel.


And this special keyboard includes iOS commands. Control screen brightness, volume level, music playback and display wake/sleep with special keys. Even more convenient, you can move around a document with the arrow keys and edit using cut, copy and paste with command-X, command-C and command-V, just like you can with a Mac. There's also a search key that takes you to the iPad search feature and a home button that returns you to the home screen. This lets you keep your hands on the keys for most things, increasing productivity.

A real keyboard has all of those special punctuation keys that are an extra press away when using the on-screen keyboard. If you are a writer, a coder or a web designer, you know what I mean. Just try to type this with an on-screen keyboard and you'll feel like cursing: #%+*}! :)

The perfect accessory for any work or home environment, the slim case design allows for easy storage that protects your screen while in a purse or briefcase.

While the case is designed to work only with an iPad Air / iPad Air 2, the keyboard may be used with any Bluetooth compatible device.

Technical Specifications

Case CompatibilityiPad Air & iPad Air 2
Bluetooth CompatibilityiPad Air & iPad Air 2, Tablet smartphone or other Bluetooth device
Type of keyboardFull-size 69-key keyboard with full travel and tactile feedback
Special iOS keysHome Screen, Brightness up/down, Show On-Screen Keyboard, iOS Search, Replay, Play/Pause, Skip, Volume up/down, iPad Power on/off, Page up/down, Home/End of Line
BatteryA single charge powers keyboard for 60 hours of continuous use, meaning the battery will last for months of ordinary use
Included bonus standsa compact folding stand for 7”-10” tablets & a super thin folding stand for smartphones

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