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iPad Mini Softgrip Case

for iPad Mini 1 only

The iPad Mini Softgrip Case is all about your comfort. The Softgrip's story begins with the 2" wide Neoprene hand strap that's soft and soothing to the back of your hand. The story continues with a rigid case that completely protects you iPad Mini 1. Followed by an adjustable Velcro/Neoprene hand strap that swivels 360 degrees. Squeeze two release buttons and the support arm flips out for viewing hands-free in portrait or landscape. Note that this makes a nice viewing angle, but for touch typing, please consider our other stands. Lastly, the swiveling handle completely snaps off when not in use.

The iPad Mini Softgrip's hard shell case is made of Polycarbonate plastic - the same material used to make bulletproof glass. This heavy duty yet lightweight cover protect your iPad Mini 1 from minor bumps and scratches. The case is in a clam-shell design that closes around your iPad Mini 1 like a second skin. Despite the rigidity of the Polycarbonate case, it's completely covered with a soft rubber coating to give a smooth texture to the finish.


The hand strap rotates easily for optimal multi-angle viewing options. The removable hand strap also offers a convenient way to keep your table secure and safe while holding it. Protect your iPad Mini 1 with this absolutely vital Polycarbonate case when you're commuting, working, and entertaining!

All ports and access points are available with the case attached and the iPad Mini can be fully charged with the case attached.

”The ease of use and the sturdy stand make this an easy recommendation.”

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Technical Specifications

CombatibilityiPad Mini 1 only
MaterialSoft Neoprene hand strap, high impact ABS plastic case with rubberized finish
UsesHand-held or flip out support arm for desk stand mode.
OrientationPortrait and Landscape - 360º rotation

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