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HeldTite iPad & Tablet Desk Stands

for all iPads & most Tablets

We stock a wide variety of ergonomic stands to make using your iPad or Tablet at a desk or table easier and more comfortable.

Traveler iPad Tablet Stand

LapWorks Universal Collapsible Desktop Holder for iPads & Tablets, Smartphones. Non-Slip Footing and wide base prevents keeps your devices stable and secure. Adjusts from Portrait and Landscape or anywhere between.

Price: $44.95
Sale: $35.00

LapWorks Locksafe iPad Kiosk

Anti-Theft Countertop Kiosk For iPad 2, 3, & 4. Rugged, Durable & Heavy-Duty Construction. Rotation, tilt and swivel. All buttons and ports available. Perfect for Public or Office Installations - use as a kiosk, show display or register.

Price: $159.95
Sale: $139.95

Handy Tablet Travel Stand

Light weight, all purpose travel stand for all iPads, Tablets and Smart Phones. Made completely from metal (Zinc Alloy) and weighs just 4 ounces. Adjustable support arm has 3 position inclines and the back rest expands for taller iPads and tablets.

Price: $34.95
Sale: $24.95

iPad Tablet Mighty Mount

A strong and stable desk stand for work or play. Two 15 inch arms, with secure locking ball joints and c-clamp base. Attaches to table or desk tops, night stands, headboards, end tables and coffee tables. Over 30” long at full extension measured from the base 4-prong holding bracket fits tablets of all sizes.

Price: $99.95
Sale: $79.95

Armbot iPad Tablet Mount

Works with iPad Mini & 7“ tablets in landscape orientation only. Three sectioned arm attaches to table or desk tops, night stands, headboards, even includes wall mount & vehicle mount. 37.4” long at full extensions with all three arm sections. For all iPads & tablets from 5-34” wide to 10-1/8” tall.

Price: $99.95
Sale: $79.95

Mantis Tablet Desk & Wall Mount

For iPad, iPad Mini or any tablet. The Mantis Mount can attach to your desk, table, nightstand and headboard as well as wall mounting. The Mantis is also modular, so you can use one section, two sections or use all three arm sections for a full 32” reach.

Price: $139.95
Sale: $109.95

Flex iPad Tablet Mount

The most flexible stand for hands-free viewing - quickly and easily attaches to any smooth surface with super aggressive suction cups. Holding bracket swivels 360° and turns up, down, left, right 90 degrees. Every joint can be twisted to different angles.

Price: $39.95
Sale: $35.00

RoboTX Tablet Mount

A modernist design in desktop stands that's incredibly flexible with the look of a surgical instrument. Corner gripping holding bracket fits all tablets and iPads from 9" to 11" with or without a case cover. Holding bracket is spring loaded and rotates 360 degrees with clicking action. 360 degree rotation at three different axis points and extends 20" from anchor post. Elevates, lifts, tilts and rotates to provide the viewing angle that works best for you.

Price: $179.95
Sale: $159.95

Soft Grip iPad Air Handle Stand

Compatible with iPad 2, 3 & 4. Soft neoprene adjustable handle plus pop out stand! A complete solution. 360° Swiveling mechanism.

Price: $49.95
Sale: $39.95

Soft Grip iPad Handle Stand

Compatible with iPad 2, 3 & 4. Soft neoprene adjustable handle plus pop out stand! A complete solution. 360° Swiveling mechanism.

Price: $49.95
Sale: $39.95

Smart Kids iPad Air Shock Resistant Case & Stand

The Smart Kids iPad Air Case is the perfect protective, shock resistant, environmental friendly and kid friendly case for your iPad Air. It lets them play as children will do but also protects the iPad Air from those things that children will do.


Smart Kids iPad Shock Resistant Case & Stand

A protective, shock resistant, environmental friendly and kid friendly case for your iPad 2, 3 or 4 that's extremely light weight but with extra thick corners for that extra measure of protection. Includes screen protector and a 4” x 4” micro fiber cleaning cloth.


Swing Arm iPad Mount

For iPad 1, 2 & or any tablet. A swing-arm with universal clamp for mounting on a desk, nightstand or headboard. Extends a full 31” across any desktop or posed next to or above a desktop monitor. Holding bracket rotates 360 degrees for viewing from portrait to landscape and back again. Can be posed downward for viewing while laying in bed or on a sofa.

Price: $79.95
Sale: $59.95

2loop iPad Handle

A grip-free, hand-held iPad 2, 3 & 4 holder that fits on any two fingers. Swivels 360° with ease. Also, includes an adjustable support arm for hands-free desk use.

Price: $39.95
Sale: $27.95

Handler iPad Strap & Desk Mount

Compatible with iPad 2, 3 & 4. Includes an adjustable Velcro hand-held strap and a desk stand. The Desk Mount tilts to any angle and the base swivels for optimum viewing angles.

Price: $59.95
Sale: $29.95

Tablet Handler Strap & Desk Mount

A one-piece hand-held holder plus desk stand for most any tablet up to 10.1” tablets. Swiveling hub rotates 360° for switching from portrait to landscape. Adjustable Velcro strap accommodates most hand sizes left or right handed. Elastic ears are super strong silicone elastomer, UV inhibited won't crack, tear or break. Includes a tilting, swiveling desk stand!

Price: $39.95
Sale: $29.95

The Rackit iPad & Tablet Stand

Chrome steel, adjustable stand fits every major brand of iPad and tablet. Set to any viewing angle. A sturdy attractive stand that's perfect for desk, table or night stand, with access to charging port.

Price: $39.95
Sale: $35.00

iPad Stand & E-Reader Recliner

Compatible with any iPad or tablet, an incredibly versatile easy chair for your Tablet will provide the prefect viewing angle when you just want to sit back and watch.

Price: $29.99
Sale: $15.95

We stand behind our products!

You can rely on HeldTite products. All our products are backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee. HeldTite is a subsidiary of LapWorks®, a leading manufacturer of quality, ergonomic accessories for notebook, iPad and tablet computers for over 10 years.

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