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iPhone / SmartPhone Cradle

for any iPhone & Smart Phones 2” to 3-1/2” wide

The Smartphone Cradle is a holding bracket only and must be attached to a stand, pedestal or mount that uses the 4-hook mounting system. (See specs for compatibility). This holding bracket can open wide enough to hold your iPhone, Smartphone, GPS or any device up to 3-1/2" wide and compress down to a narrow width of just 2" wide.

The Smartphone Cradle has a series of soft rubber fin-like ribs that are molded into the side grips or wings so they won't peel off like adhesive pads do. This cradle also have a flip-down foot or shelf that creates a platform for your smartphone.


Combined with the soft rubber fin-like ribs they work together to securely capture your device so there is no chance that is can slide out of its grip. There is also a rubber pad on the contact side of the Smartphone Cradle that your device bumps up against to protect from contact with the hard plastic.

The spring-loaded grips open by simply pressing a release button that allows the grips or wings to open to their 3-1/2" maximum width. Or press the release button for just a moment to open the grips partially. Once the grips are completely open, insert your device and squeeze the grips together with a clicking sound to secure your device permanently once and for all.

The ability to change out the holding bracket for your iPad or tablet on your stand and replace it with the Smartphone Cradle give you tremendous flexibility. This means you don't have to buy two stands and you simply change the holding bracket. This convenience is perfect for enjoying music, hands-free calls, charging, GPS and utilizing other vehicle apps! Color is black.

Powerful vacuum suction cup base safely and securely grips your iPhone or SmartPhone. The super strong, robust windshield mount is tested to hold up to 30 Lbs.

Technical Specifications

Combatibilityany iPhone or SmartPhone 2” to 3-1/2” wide
Stand compatibilityCantilever, Armbot, Swing Arm, A-Frame & Tablet Suction Cup Mount
AttachmentQuick and easy spring loaded operation
OrientationPortrait and Landscape - 360º rotation

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