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The Rackit iPad & Tablet Stand

for all iPads & most Tablets

The Rackit: a simple, modernistic, yet uncomplicated device that assembles and disassembles quickly and easily. Perfect for viewing your device in landscape or portrait. When all you need is a stand in one fixed position with no special gadgets, clips or tightening knobs, then The Rackit is for you.

The Rackit can accommodate tablets as thick as 11/16" and no less than 7-3/8" wide. This means that it can comfortably accommodate an iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, most Tablets even the iPad Mini in landscape mode.


The Rackit: a beautifully simple, modernistic stand for any size iPad or tablet that comes completely assembled. Just place it on a desk or table, set the angle and this chrome steel stand will make your tablet so much easier to use.

Perfect for viewing your device in landscape or portrait. This sturdy and attractive desk and table stand has infinitely adjustable viewing angles. Set the Rackit at the most optimal viewing angle to use your iPad or Tablet for browsing, watching videos or as a digital picture frame. The open design means easy access on and off and your tablet's buttons and charging port are easily accessible.

The Rackit can accommodate tablets as thick as 11/16". This means that it can comfortably accommodate all iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook, Toshiba Tablet and the HP TouchPad. It can usually also accommodate a device with a cover or case attached.

For thinner tablets, like the iPad Air and other new tablets, a 3/8" rubberized channel holds your tablet securely despite the light weight.

The Rackit has two main components: the stationary base and the adjustable seat that the device sits in. The adjustable seat can be set at any viewing position by simply tightening two knobs to lock in the pose. Set angles from completely vertical to completely horizontal.

Your iPad or tablet is protected from scratches by soft rubber no-slip surfaces and it never comes into contact with the chrome-coated steel frame. For gripping on smooth surfaces, four no-slip rubber pads provide excellent stability.

Technical Specifications

Combatibilityany iPad or Tablet with maximum depth of 11/16”
Materialchromed steel frame, ABS rubberized pads
Product Dimensions4.75” wide x 6” tall x 4.25” deep
OrientationPortrait and Landscape

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