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RoboTX iPad & Tablet Mount

for all iPads & Tablets

The RoboTX Tablet Mount is a modernist design in desktop mounts that's incredibly flexible with the look of a surgical instrument. It's not just another desk mount for your tablet or iPad but rather is a uniquely designed and constructed holder with the look of a modern robotic arm. Its smooth lines and ease of movement will make a dramatic compliment to any work or leisure environment.


The secret to the RoboTX's flexibility is the number of pivoting points engineered into its design. It consists of three primary components that work together to create the perfect mount for your tablet or iPad. The three components consist of the C-clamp & elevator pole, the two articulating arms and the holding bracket.


The C-clamp is of a heavy duty construction and opens up to 3-1/8" to accommodate the thickest of desk tops. The elevator pole is anchored to the C-clamp for stability and extends 10-1/4" above the desk surface. The two articulating arms slide up and down the elevator pole by making a simple adjustment.

When the articulating arm is set about mid-pole it will position the bottom edge of your iPad or tablet at desktop level but will elevate it 12" above the desktop. When the articulating arm is set at the top of the pole your iPad or tablet sits about 3" above the desktop but will elevate it 15" above the desk surface.

The holding bracket has some magic all its own. It not only tilts up and down, it also turns 150º left or 150º right and it also swivels your iPad or tablet 360º like a windmill with an audible clicking sound. And that's not all. There are no locking tabs to set when installing you iPad or tablet onto the holding bracket because it's spring loaded. The holding bracket will hold all 4 iPad versions and tablets up to 10.75" long x 7.5" wide.

Technical Specifications

Combatibilityany iPad or Tablet up to 10.75” long x 7.5” wide
Height12” to 15" vertical elevation
ExtensionArm extends up to 20”
OrientationPortrait and Landscape - 360º rotation

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